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Portable Roadways

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Yard Mats

Yard Mats Under 25,000 lb Series

Yard Mats - Vehicle eight (under 25,000 lb.) Composite fiberglass material allows panels to bend and twist but not break from heavy loads. Use on lawns, landscape, sand, grass fields.
Typical user: cemetery, utility "lawn" mat, pump service, golf course, movie production.

Ground Mats Under 60,000 lb Series

Ground Mats - Vehicle weight (under 60,000 lb) Super light. Typical user: Utilities for off-road, rental companies, light cranes, special events.

Ground Mats Under 100,000 lb Series

Ground Mats - Vehicle weight (under 100,000 lb).
Super strength, lightweight, fiberglass panels. Flex under load, don't roll up, don't break. Stronger, stiffer than plastic, plywood or planks. If the ground supports a man walking, Super ground covers will take the vehicle in. Easily handled by men in the field. Fits in the back of a pick up truck. Rope handles for easy lifting. Use for in and out jobs, or connect to form a continuous, temporary roadway.
Typical user: Well drillers, House movers, Tree service, Manufactured housing, Utilities, Heavy Construction.

Jack Pads & Outrigger Jack Pads

Super strong, pads are engineered light weight, composite fiberglass
Takes up less space
They are not as thick, or heavy when compared to other materials.
Design features a non-skid surface, superior traction, and enhanced finish for improved durability.
Rope handles for easy set-up.
No water absorption. Won't rot.
Lighter weight.
1 year limited warranty.

Poly Ground Cover Mats

  • You're a professional!
  • You want to do a good job for your client.
  • Get in, do the work, and get out clean. No ruts, damaged lawn, or weather delays.
  • You need a mat system tough enough to do the job. No more heavy, wet, rotten, brokan, slip-pery plywood.
Tough 1/2" thick polyethylene with Power Cylinder Traction. Able to withstand the weight of heavy work trucks. Made from 100% recycled material. UV protected. Unaffected by heat or cold. Convenient sizes to fit the job. Hand Cutouts for lifting. Guaranteed against cracking and breaking for 1 year from date of purchase.